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About Torrejon Air Base Spain

From the late 1950's to the early 1990's, The US Air Force maintained a presence in the Southern Mediterranean to counter the Soviet Threat to Western Europe. 

The tip of the sword was Torrejon Air Base, Spain out side of Madrid.

Torrejon began its life as a support base for Strategic Air Commands (SAC) Reflex missions in the late 1950's to mid 1960's. It provided ground support, tanker support, and air defense for SAC's rotational alert forces, as well as supporting the Spanish Air Defense System.  Later in 1966,  with the arrival of the 401st TFW and its F-100's, Torrejon became USAFE's primary non-nuclear contingency operations wing, providing rotational and rapid response forces to other European and Middle Eastern locations/ primarily Incirlik, Turkey and Aviano Air Base, Italy.

 My objective is to obtain pictures, patches, stories, documents or anything that pertains to Torrejon AB, Spain and any of its tenant units and present it on this website. The website will serve as a place document the overall history of all USAF forces stationed at Torrejon as well as a place to socialize and reunite with old friends.

                                 If you have anything Torrejon AB related - please feel free to pass them along and I will get them added to the site.                                  
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