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38) Joe Cox  Male
League City, Texas via New Yor Location
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Monday, 2 March 2009 14:35 Write a comment Send E-mail

Stationed at T.J. from Aug 78 to Aug 1980. I worked as an F-4 crew chief of the 613th AMU, 401 OMS. TDYed to Aviano and Incirlik. Learned to shoot pool at the La Cita rec center. Loved Lake Sacedon, Benidorm and the tosca bars in Torrejon during the summer. I'll never forget the bull fight I went to in Alcala on my 21st birthday. Would love to hear from anyone who was there with me.

Mark Webber 79 to 82 Wednesday, 13 July 2011 23:15
Hi Joe, I am Mark Webber I was in 401 OMS Phantom 2 and 401 AGS 613 AMU from 79 to 82. If I remember correctly you got some stitches at Aviano from a flying can of beans, and you and I sang dirty Christmas carols at the Big Lick X-mas eve very drunk, do I remember this right?
Birmingham, Alabama/Miami, Fl Location
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Temporary duty at Terrajon in 1964 for Operation Long Thrust. Stationed at Prestwick Scotland from 1961 to 1964. Autopilot/compass system repairman
36) Frederick L. Navagato  Male
mechanicsburg pa. Location
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Stationed at Torrejon 1969-1973, 1989th Comm Sq.
(Father) Frank H Navagato MSGT USAF (We were stationed at Torrejon 1958-1961, Lived in Royal Oaks 203A.....had a blast as a kid in the 60's and as young man in the 70's in Spain.
35) J J Cruz  Male
Rocky Point, NY Location
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410st sps 1973-75. "C" flt. played squadron,base slow pitch softball. wink
34) Mark Taylor 
St Louis, MO Location
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:58 Write a comment Send E-mail

Spent nearly 3.5 years (Jun 80 - Nov 83)at TJ as an INS troop on F4D in the 401 CRS then in the 612 AMU (401 AGS). I left Torrejon whren teh last F4 left for Getafe on a flatbed truck. The F-16's had picked up the missions to ICDI and Aviano and the F4's were quickly being retired worldwide.

I liked Spain so much I brought some back with me. We've been married 26 years. I'm thinking it might last.

Got off of AD in 1986 and joined the CA ANG as a C-130 Nav. I went back to TJ on numerous airlift missions always trying to get to Madrid ASAP for teh food and nightlife.

TJ was my 1st assignment out of Keesler. I loved it. It set the stage for life with my Spanish bride and a great AF career.

Bill Deater Monday, 14 November 2011 08:40
Hi Mark. I have an idea we worked together at TJ. I was in the Instrument/Autopilot shop in CRS from 81-83. My name is Bill Deater. Some of the other guys in the shop were Jeffery Bispham, Lynn Gaehle, John Morrison and Randy Lake. If I remember right, one of my good friends while I was there worked in the INS shop, Dickie Hawkins. We had a lot of great times together. I PCS'd to Alconbury, England from TJ and then finished out my career at Davis-Monthan in Tucson, AZ.
33) Ed Ramirez Nino  Male
USA, Los Angeles, C.A. Location
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Was a student at Madrid High School from 1969 through 1973, had such a good time stayed in country 2 more years, some of the very best of my life. Looking for a few friends I have lost track of from those days. Anyone from that time with links please drop me a e-mail.

Thanks, Nino

Monique Bowen Cummins Sunday, 3 July 2011 23:38
Hi Ed. I was there in 69-73 as well. Facebook has a name search for Torrejon Madrid High School. There are so many students on there from our era. Also, if you go on you can find so many people as well on Torrejon Madrid High School. Just addd it to your list of schools. I just found this site tonight, began reading and found your comments. I\\\'m Monique Bowen. Two of my sisters went to H.S. there. Maybe you know them. Rhoda and Deborah Bowen and maybe not. You can find me on Facebook under Monique Cummins, 2 woman in profile picture, one with a purple shirt and sunglasses...that's me. My email is
32) Clarence "Mac" McKimmy  Male
SUMTER SC Location
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009 07:08 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was stationed at TJ from 85-91. Worked CMS/Egress with Karl Backus, Don Rice, Greg Foster, Leroy Frink, James Hunt, Dan McGovern, Joe Lorea, James Ladd. Went tdy with all 3 AMU's, had great times in Turkey, Aviano and Dechi. I believe my best tdys where with the 614th, nothing against the rest.
Met and married my wife Raquel in Spain, she was from Alcala De Henares. Best assignment in 25 years. I wish I could go back there and retire. We return every few years to see family.

LaWanda Williams Wednesday, 13 February 2013 16:46
Leroy Frink is on FB, Greg Foster lives in Georgia near Warner Robins. Take Care
31) Ernie and Debi Goenaga  Male
Beavercreek, OH Location
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Monday, 26 January 2009 08:07 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was stationed at Torrejon AB from Jan 1980 to Dec 1982. I had a great time in both the Loading Section and Maintenance Squadrons for the 401st.
30) Steve Scarlett  Male
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Monday, 19 January 2009 07:22 Write a comment Send E-mail

Stationed @ TJ 1986-1988. Best duty assignment in AF!
29) Mario Alfred Cleeton  Male
Alicante Spain Location
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Thursday, 8 January 2009 16:59 Write a comment Send E-mail

Assigned to Spanish Air
Ministry 3/57 under 3970th operations sq. Also moved to Torrejon 9/1957 to 49th Comm Sq. First 450 troops. Left 3/61. Returned 3/63 to the 1989 Comm Sq and left 3/67. Retired and moved to Spain 1/75. Worked with ITT until 7/79. Worked with Jusmaag until 8/80. Worked with DODDS under Dr Indresano until 3!83. Became Telephone Exchange Manager until base closed 9 94 for the 2186th Comm Sq. Living in Alicante Spain after losing my wife Josefina after 49 years. Please contact me.

Bill Milau Tuesday, 14 February 2012 08:34
49th Com Squad 63-65 (Crypto).
Bet we crossed paths. I have been back to Madrid at least 12 times. It must be wonderful to be living in Alicante ! !

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Larry Murillo Thursday, 5 February 2015 14:10
Hi Mario,
Your name is not familiar to me; however, I was with the 1989th from Feb. 1964 to Feb. 1967. The last couple of years I was working at the Weather forecast center AFSC(291X0) wink

Tod Jennings Thursday, 5 November 2015 15:41
Hello Mr. Cleeton! I was the Squadron Security Manager for 2 years, prior to that assigned as the Booster Shift Supervisor in the Base Telecom Center. We used to go "coordinating" in the morning...code word for coffee. I'm sorry to hear of your wife's passing. Drop me a line if you get a chance.

Maurice Moore Send E-mail Saturday, 17 November 2018 14:35
Hello Mario,
I was assigned to 1989th Comm Sq & worked at NCMO for 2 years & moved to Telephone Exchange until reassignment to McGuire AFB for discharge. This was one of my cherished assignments and have fond memories there. I do not recall your name, but just being a part of the TJN family is a plus.
Maurice Moore
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