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2051) Ximena Aiden 
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Thursday, 5 September 2019 10:04 Send E-mail

My name is Ximena. single parent of 3. I have always wanted to buy a house and give my family the best. My credit report was totally bad my score was 395 with outstanding bills. I contacted an old friend Laura she used to work for me I made mention of my bad credit report, so she gave me the contact of a Hacker that would get my credit fixed. I contact the hacker based on my credit they asked me a few questions and collected some information from me and told me they would get my credit fixed within {6 working days}. It’s so amazing they delivered my work and raised my score to 799 and deleted the bad items on my report. Here is their contact {R A N S O M W A R E C R E D I T @ G M A I L . C O M +1 954 416 0322}

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