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557) Alfred Arias Maeso  Male
Texas Location
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Sunday, 24 June 2012 12:10 Send E-mail

Hello, I hope this email finds you well, this may be a long shot but I wanted to ask you help.

My Name is Alfred Arias Maeso, my father Alfred Albert Matthew  nicknamed "coockie" , was stationed at Torrejon AFB in 1967?-1969.  He left Madrid when I was very young and we have never met.  

He was of Jewish American decent, and was friends with a guy from Supply who was nicknamed el Rubio.

I wanted to see if maybe you knew of him or if you could help to get the word out with your network of friends.  I have kids of my own and this is a part of my life that I would like some closure on after all these years.

I appreciate your help.

Alfred_arias@hotmail. Com

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