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558) Rickey Shay  Male
Base Naval Rota, spain Location
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 06:03 Send E-mail

Hello, I was stationed at TJ from Apr 1987 to Apr 1991. I arrived at TJ already married to a wonderful Spanish girl (Toñi) from Cádiz.

In the 4 years at TJ, I worked at the CBPO with TSgt Sammy McCoy, Capt Regina Montgomery, SMSgt Dennis Weibe, MSgt John Unpingco, MSgt Nelson Sumner, SSgt Raymond Reyes, Mr. Joe Gallager, MSgt Perly Folly, SSgt Mike Day. I was assigned to Special Actions/Reenlistments and later was in the Promotions and Testing Office. I remember CMSgt Lou Marquis, too.

I stay in for a total 25 years and got to spend 7 of them at Rota (Spain) from 2002 til 2009. (if you're doing the math; yes, of 25 years AD I got to spend 11 years in Spain!) I retired in 2010 out of HQ AETC/A1 BUT then started my new civilian career working as a Navy civilian back at Rota the very following day I left active duty. I'm still here at Rota but now I work for DoDDS.

Mike Gaines Tuesday, 26 June 2012 09:42
I remember Perly Folly. I was in the CBPO from Dec 74 to Dec 77. Perly was a SSgt then.

Mike Gaines

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