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Friday, 29 April 2016 00:59
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698) Richard Marino  Male
Point Arena Ca.
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I was a Phneudralic Repairman in 1972 new a guy who got his neck cut over a card game on the second floor and I'm trying to get in touch with him . His uncle was a Second Lieutenant living on the Base.
697) Avit Investment 
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696) Arthur Graeme  Male
Turlock, Ca
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My father Msgt Nick Graeme was stationed at Torrejon AB. If you know him please email me at Im just trying to get in touch with anyone who might have knew him or was stationed with him at Torrejon AB. Thank you
695) John McDowell  Male
Washington state
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I was stationed at TJ from 81-83
694) J.D.  Male
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I was there between 1982 and 1984, 614TFS Crewchief F4C Tail number 738 "Lucky Devils"
693) Robin Hudson 
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Stationed with the 625th CAMS. I worked Radar. I lived in El Saucar, right outside of the gate. I'm looking for some of my old roommates, John "Smitty Dog" Smith. Kwan, don't remember her husband's last name but she was in El Saucar, Thai. Gabriella (Gabi) from Finland, Kim Mize, and anybody else that wants to stop by and say Hi!

Robin Hudson, MSgt (Ret) Saturday, 2 April 2016 10:57
Oh and I should add I was there from 1983 to the end of 88. Loved it. My best assignment.

mike Noel Wednesday, 6 April 2016 21:56
I worked in the base hospital 1986 to 1989
692) Norm Miday  Male
Canton Ohio
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Any one from 401 CE 69-72 . Power production,back up emergency power and aircraft arresting barriers.
691) Fred Muskopf  Male
Arvada Colorado
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Was at Torrejon from Aug of 68 to Aug of 72. My son was born there. Worked at the 98th Strat Wing Jet shop, where we took care of all the TDY tankers that came in for 30 day rotations. Anyone that was in the FMS shops feel free to contact me!
690) Skip Kozacik 
La Canada, CA
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Just wanted to stop in and thank all the Airmen who allowed a bunch of homesick college students from University of Southern California attending the Madrid semester to buy food and candy at the base store. You never realize how the simple things like peanut M&M's can change those cold dreary days into a beach style party.
Thanks again from the Madrid class spring 1989!! FightOn USAF
689) Charles Tex Klingemann  Male
Georgetown, TX
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Station at Torrejon1957-1959. Worked in POL.
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