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Friday, 27 May 2016 09:04
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706) Burnethel Sanford 
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From: Burnethel Sanford, National Chairperson, TAB Reunion, (951) 739-0202 or email:

Registration is now open for the Labor Day 2016 Reunion, September 1-5, 2016, at the Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport. Please call or email for details! Hope to see you there!
705) Margaret Santiago  Female
Byron, Ga
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Reynaldo and I was station at Torrejon AB 1981-1983. I was the mail lady and I worked with 16AF. I loved the rib house and Madrid. We lived in Base Housing
704) Bill Lamza  Male
Hempstead Texas
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Worked in Accounting & Finance from '64-'67. Looking for Joseph P. Avant and Gary Rhines.
703) Taylor House  Male
1109 Shagbark Lane, Lexington,
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I was stationed at Torrejon from 1965 to 1968 in the bas Conproller's office. I was on the Board of Governors for the NCO club. In June 68 I came back to Wright-Patterson and retired. Presently I am in Lexington, Ky retired from the University of Ky. Most of my SAC career was in Bombers starting with the B29 thru B52.
702) David 
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there is a face book page for 401 st AGS face book. But just for flightline personnel.
701) Scott Howard  Male
Warner Robins, GA USA
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Was assigned to TAB, 625 MASS from 80-83. I was a young and completely lost and confused Instruments Troop. Never could figure out what the AF took a qualified F4 man (reccies at Bergstrom), send him to an F4 base and put him in the MAC enroute unit. Go figure.

On a personal note, to everyone I worked with then, I'm sorry. If you knew me, you know why.

Dirk den Hartog Saturday, 7 May 2016 14:31
Hi Scott

I was in the 625 MASS from 65-68.. LOVED it. I hate fighter aircraft. retired flight engineer on DC-8. Have seen the world as a CIVLIAN and a GI>
700) Mercedes  Female
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Is anyone in contact with Stephen Stuart Cole or Edward Mason they were stationed in Torrejon 1977-1979.
699) Mercedes  Female
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Is anyone in touch with Edward Mason?
698) Richard Marino  Male
Point Arena Ca.
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I was a Phneudralic Repairman in 1972 new a guy who got his neck cut over a card game on the second floor and I'm trying to get in touch with him . His uncle was a Second Lieutenant living on the Base.
697) Avit Investment 
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Greetings to you by ADIA.

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We would be happy to fund and invest with you in any profitable
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Paris-France.Avit Development Investment Authority (ADIA)
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