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Friday, 31 October 2014 17:43
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402) Cesario Garcia  Male
San Antonio Texas
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Sunday, 19 August 2012 23:01 Write a comment Send E-mail

Fellow TJ people..I lived there from 1980-1985 in Eurovillas will always consider my self an Air Force brat..My father worked in Civilian Personel.Then a few years later he was head of CPO from 91-92.Looking for a few old friends..Mike Hamilton, Andrea Smith and the rest to the crew from that time..I was in elementry school there at that time.1980-1985..Miss that place dearly...So if anyone knows where Binki Bufford or Floyd Person or Simone Day, Tim Busby Or Lee Cotton is let me know...
401) Eward Diaz  Male
Kansas City Mo
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Sunday, 19 August 2012 05:13 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was in spain from 86 to 89 401 sps b flight I am looking for david hernandez wife lucy sherie mcnab william gurly mike king anthony brown and any one else from back then

Shane Fleming Saturday, 6 July 2013 09:03
I remember you I was a law explorer and do remember you. How is it going?
400) Edward Diaz  Male
Kansas City Mo
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Sunday, 19 August 2012 02:52 Write a comment Send E-mail

Sep 86 to march 89 sps ss loved this place there still apart of me in TJ
399) Randy Shirley  Male
Columbia, SC
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Saturday, 18 August 2012 21:21 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was at TAB form Jan 72 to Jan 75. I was a desk sgt for 401st Sec Pol Sq. Somebody on here stated "Spain got into your blood and then into your heart." That may be the biggest understatement I've ever heard about Spain. I loved that country and people as much as I'ver ever loved anything. Would like to hear from anyone there at that time,(or any other time). I hate that TAB was closed for all the guys and gals that will never have that adventure.... wink
398) Kenneth Geffinger  Male
Sydney australia
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Sunday, 12 August 2012 04:01 Write a comment Send E-mail

Was at TJ from 1988 till 1991... EMS phase and Wheel and tire shop...
397) Jerry Keefer  Male
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 12:28 Write a comment Send E-mail

2186 COMM Squadron November 1984 - June 1987. I worked at Humosa power plant. Great time there.

Juan L Torres Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:21
iwas with 2186th from 86 through 90. Material Control. Used to drive once a week to Humosa for supplies and PMEL runs. Wasn'r MSgt Bellamy the NCOIC there? I believe Stu was the Asst. NCOIC

Sherwood Friday, 28 February 2014 21:05
Juan, That is correct MSgt Bellamy and Richard Stewart which worked in the Wideband shop.
396) Dennis Mainieri 
st louis missouri
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Sunday, 29 July 2012 12:16 Write a comment Send E-mail

i was in torrejon 1971 thru 1974

looking for jim willerd
jay williams
395) Danny ROdriguez  Male
New jersey
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Thursday, 26 July 2012 18:08 Write a comment Send E-mail

I was stationed at TJ from 83-87 assigned to the 401st CRS Hyrdaulic Shop. I loved Spain I was married at that time. There was this sweet honey named CHeryl Jones from the Supply Sq. that I will never forget.

D Rodriguez Saturday, 6 October 2012 21:21
I was stationed with JB, Linda Newsome, Sgt. Little, Frankie tart

Mike Noel Thursday, 3 January 2013 15:55
I was stationed at Torrejon Air Base from April 1986 to May 1989. I was Medical Administration and worked in the base hospital. I ran the Aeromedical Evacuation Office for half my time and the other have worked in Medical Plans and Readiness. I remember taking great tours out of the rec center. After leaving Torrejon went to RAF Fairford and then RAF Lakenheath. Got off Active duty in 1992 then went into the reserves at March Air Force Base, now called March Air Reserve Base and retired from the reserves in 2003 as a TSgt. I currently live in Chatsworth, CA which is just north of Los Angeles.

LaWanda Hall-Williams Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:41
I worked in the CRS Electric Shop which was right next door to the Hydraulic Shop. I worked with JB and Frankie Tart before I PCS'd to SC. I was married to Bubba Williams who worked in the Sheet Metal Shop down the hall and played on the Basketball Team.
394) Rick and Alicia Abernathy 
Yorktown, VA
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Monday, 23 July 2012 10:13 Write a comment Send E-mail

At TJ from Oct 74 - Nov 82. Worked WCS Radar Cal and Backshop. Son Richard was born at TJ. Married Alicia at TJ in 76. Still keep in touch with Greg Hunter and Marc Lower.
393) Marcus Lower 
Manassas, VA
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Saturday, 21 July 2012 12:14 Write a comment Send E-mail

401st AMS/ECM, 1973-76
My first and only USAF assignment; great place to start and finish! Also enjoyed TDYs to Aviano AB and, in some perverted way, to Incirlic, CDI.

Would appreciate contact info on the following if anyone knows:
Arthur C de Baca
Ken Oliver
Richard Wittlief
Lou Marquis

John Cefali Monday, 4 February 2013 10:24
Marcus, did you know Mike Evans? He worked in ECM too during those years. If you know how to reach him, I'd appreciate it!

Marcus Lower Wednesday, 13 February 2013 11:49
John, Sorry, and it may be the years, but I do not recall serving with Mike Evans at TJ.

Phil Hy Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:02
Marc, I believe we shared a dorm room around 1973 or 73.

Marc Lower Friday, 12 July 2013 10:28
Phil, indeed we did. I still remember the First Shirt's comment about a couple of roommates named Hy and Lower, which gave him a chuckle. A lot of water under the bridge since then I trust all goes well with you.
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